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Light sources issues/bugs/feedback
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In particular using flare on EXP, and noticed

There's this bug when:

  1. having a flare or light source touch a wall, or clip through geometry while wielding it, will block and not emit any light, leaving it pitch black once again.

#2: General lighting diffusion needs to be fixed in general.

  1. Light diffusion is very bad right now. Some areas where they should be light can turn completely black and dark, which hurts gameplay, and is unrealistic.
  2. (ex: Light source shining to another room, through a door will not diffuse to the sides of the room (will be pitch black :/)
  3. Another example is shining a light source (flare in this case) near a building, and the rest of the environment adjacent to it will turn pitch black


-   Just sitting over like a flare, will completely block the light source and with there being no real light diffusion, it turns pitch black

Another issue is that sometimes the light will shine through closed geometry when it physically shouldn't (closed door) (this is that small industrial type building to the south of solinichncy)


Operating System
Windows 8 x64
Steps To Reproduce

in desc

Additional Information

Fix Light sources render distance! This is barely 50-100m and it doesn't render the light source at all in :(

Also, this artifacting caused by the smoke trail or flares.

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