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IZH Weapon Visualization bug & Bad Hip-aim weapon representation visualization bug
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IF you use the IZH, with gloves on, the rear of the gun in ADS has clipping, making it slightly distracting & annoying when in ADS.

Also, one bad bug I discovered, is if you reload while in ADS, your hip-fire weapon representation will become bugged, and extremely distort your aiming, cover your screen, and it seems that the gun is pointed to your eyes like in ADS, rather than just point-aiming.

Bad bug, needs to be fixed, especially when crouched (it covers up a lot of your screen)
(towards the end of the video)


Operating System
Windows 8 x64
Steps To Reproduce

For IZH #1: Have gloves on, and ADS with IZH, notice the clipping on the rear of the gun

For #2 Weapon Representation bug: Be ADS with any gun
Reload when in ADS (hotbar)
Try going in hip-fire aim (hold RMB)
Your weapon visualization representation becomes broken.

Additional Information

Hit reg might be broken a bit?
Playing on low pop US server EXP (~100 ping)
I headshotted 2 zombies, and they both survived. (Although, there was blood-splatter on the head)
However, any other zombie, went down with one shot

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