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Infected all accumulated/spawning in one area of towns.
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There's areas where there's infected that are in big groups that just spawn and are compressed/accumulated in one area.

Here's one in Kamyshovo where there's a bunch of infected that all spawn in the backyard of a house, on the east edge of Kamy

This could be making towns less full of infected, or could be possible lowering server performance.


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Windows 8 x64
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The spawn areas I know of where a bunch of infected accumulate in groups/mass spawning are...

  • In the backyard of a house, on the east edge of Kamyshovo.
  • By the barns area to the north side of Mogilevka
  • The train tracks towards the western edge of Elektro
Additional Information

A Issue I have currently is if I have my gun set to FullAuto, and I have to relog,
My gun will go back to SemiAuto, & I sometimes forget which just got me killed ;/

Make a solution to the problem of this please?? ^ :)

Infected teleporting, freezing, randomly frozen by walls, getting stuck especially in houses, and aren't properly aggroing in Experimental (they ignore you, even if you get close to them, playing in medium pop)

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