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Connect Failed error on random EXP servers
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I've been getting these Connection Failed on UK and DE servers but now it has moved to northeast-01 which I've been playing on for the last week and have a small base built on it.

I don't have reproduction steps but a few other players in TheRunningManZ chat confirmed they are getting it too and though it would be good to get a ticket in.

I've verified my game files, deleted the configs/logs and cycled my internet and PC. Nothing seems to change it.


Operating System
Windows 7
Server Browser Steam
Steps To Reproduce

seems to be random, came across it a few times when trying to connect to UK/DE servers which were higher ping and I assumed it was related to that. Now it is happening with the northeast and northcentral servers which I have been playing on for the last week.

Additional Information

I launched the game with logging but can't find a log file sorry

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Hello jmorgan and thank you for your report.
Are you still experiencing the issue? If so, can you remember the time (hour, or if you submited this ticket different day, day and hour) when this started to occur for you?
Regards DanielF.

Also, could you provide your steam UID? That might be helpful aswell.

Hi Daniel,

it happened again last night (crap I didn't mark the time, searching log files is much easier) between 7:00pm EST to 9:30pm EST (December 7th), I was on the server and got kicked, refreshed and saw the server was still up, tried to connected, got the connection failed error.

it is now 6:00am EST Dec 8th, tried to connect to NorthEast-01 and still getting the connection failed.

steam uid: kinkraven

fyi, I wasn't able to connect to northeast-01 until after the last patch, when the servers were brought down for the new version. It is very odd, it feels like a networking issue at the hoster level, like it is stopping my connection on that port (aka like rate limiting). I have no idea if it is related or not, just an observation.

just an update, as of 3:00pm est I am able to connect to northeast-01 again. No idea what changed