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Launcher Not detecting Server side mods
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patch 1.86 broke the launchers ability to detect and allow users to load mods that are running server side (mods loaded using the launch parameter -serverMod= @modfoldernamehere )(i have vanilla players and players who use the mods not all want it the same way so i can't run them as game mods) when joining the server. The mods are still working server side as intended allowing users the choice to use them if they like but you will only have the option to unload or keep loaded if you already had them loaded, otherwise you have to manually load the game with the mods running and join via in game server browser. This issue makes the people who use the mods think they have been removed and prevent them from wanting to play on the server. does not effect vanilla players who want to play on the server


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Try to join a server with mods that are installed and running server side using the above parameters.( "-serverMod=" ) recommend testing with CBA or other known server side capable mods.

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Should be fixed in the current hotfix, which just went live. Try it out.