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Dayz is burning all of my RAM until limit of swap file
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Game crashes after starting dayz. I cant get into the main menü. Same witth offline mode, normal or normal with logs.
Screen first get real black. after a second there is (maybe) a very light color change...(hmm black to some sort of black).
In Launcher mode, i can see the launcher. no problem then. But starting with or without battleeye...same Problem.

In Taskmanager I see the amount of memory dayz uses - its growing until 16 GBs are full - after that, swap file is growing until end of partitiion size...
Then nothing goes in my operating system (of course).
No Problems with Arma3 or other games and applications.
Event Logs shows, that i have a problem with my virtual ram - of course...its full while running dayz-process


Operating System
Windows 8 x64
Operating System Version
8.1 Pro
Steps To Reproduce

Starting dayz in actual experimental version: 0.63.149597
Starting dayz in actual stable version
Deleting all SSD (after Backup;) checking RAM and SSDs - this seems to be good. Reinstalling Windows 8.1 Pro with all updates. Graphic-Card drivers, Steam, Dayz SA : Crash
Going back to my old Backup. Same behavior, other games like ARMA3 are working well.

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