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RIght click on inventory item does nothing. No popup menus at all.
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I just got DayZ yesterday and when I play on any server I am unable to get the right click menu at all. Anything in inventory that I right click on, nothing happens. No menu pops up with the options for that item. I can not heal is the biggest issue! This makes the game basically unplayable as I will eventually take damage, and since bleeding never stops for some reason, I will just die.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Menu UI
Steps To Reproduce

Open inventory, right click on any item.

Additional Information

I have verified files, no issue found. I have restarted my computer. I do not have any mouse issues with anything else. This happens on my dedicated server, as well as any other server I log into. I do not think it is server related. My mouse is a basic mouse with two buttons and a wheel. It works fine for everything except DayZ.

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Stoutman created this task.Nov 17 2018, 7:58 PM

Ahahahha))) dude in 0.63 this system was canceled (it remained in 0.62 and older versions) Now all actions take time, etc. and etc. In order to perform any actions, such as bandaging, you need to drag the bandage into the slot for the hands and hold the LMB, outside the inventory. If you open a jar, then take the jar in your hands and point the knife at it and continue to hold the LMB

Rag in hands, holding down LMB and ... nothing :(

Some type of tutorial or basic instructions would be nice. Especially since there is more old info out there than current.

3Vaker added a subscriber: 3Vaker.Nov 18 2018, 6:35 AM

You can't use rags unless you're actually bleeding, health loss is not equal to blood loss, so check that before trying to use rags or bandages.