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Can't subscribe & install DayZ Tools
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I can't get and install DayZ Tools.

When I go in this page only thing I can do is review them

DayZ Tools aren't in my Tools Library in Steam. I've only the DayZ Server there.

I've tried these things so far:

  • Play the current version of DayZ
  • Sign in and out from Steam
  • Restart PC and Steam

I'm starting to wonder if this is Steam's side bug or something you can fix...


Operating System
Windows 7 x64
Additional Information

I also made a post in the pinned thread in the forums:

One thing that got in my mind why this is happening is that you've not maybe enabled DayZ tools for pre-alpha testers?

I got my DayZ couple weeks before it hit the Steam's Early Access program because I was invited to the stress testing team by you Bohemia Interactive Studio (by Matt Lightfoot).

4.12.2013 DayZ Temporary Beta Access is what I got back then.

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StJimmy created this task.Nov 13 2018, 2:27 PM

Picture from the Store Page of DayZ Tools

Picture of my Tools Library

Still no DayZ Tools showing. There must be something blocking that content from some of us. I guess not many have tried to get them yet so it's not more widespread issue?

I was able to get them when I looked just now. I hadn't been able to do that earlier in the week.

According to Baty my issue (and likely couple others who were in the preview testing in 2014) is getting fixed on Monday. They likely forgot to add in the allowed list our "temporary" keys that they had decided to become permanent :P

tom_48_97 added a subscriber: tom_48_97.

The package was indeed updated, can you re-test and let me know?

Yes it's now working. Thanks!

tom_48_97 closed this task as Resolved.Nov 19 2018, 10:48 PM

I'm currently experiencing the same problem and haven't been able to find a workaround. Ive tried all the methods mentioned above. Is it likely the same issue has come up again?