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Rain affecting sprint/stamina/weight, bugging out the stamina bar, and sprinting. (New Stable Update)
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With rain affecting weight (stamina bar, and sprint), it seems to really bug out your character, and I especially noticed it this update.

The stamina bar becomes bugged, and I can sprint forever, as it just keeps resetting back to full (Vanilla server DUG US too)

When sprinting it feels very buggy, bad, and feels laggy/rubber banding which is happening to your character when you sprint
(you're basically sprinting at the speed of jog too)

(Also, the stamina bar aesthetic looks reverted to one of the early stress tests/ early versions of public 0.63 too, (the whites contrasting with the depleted bar, and the actual; bar displaying your stamina)


Have Not Tried
Operating System
Windows 8 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get all your clothes damp/soaked/drenched until it affects your weight and sprint.
  2. Try sprinting

Your stamina bar will keep resetting, and you sprint is and feels buggy, laggy, and like rubberbanding

Additional Information

Are waterproof clothes like the raincoat, gorka jacket, gorka pants, etc.
not have any use agaisnt the rain right now.
It seems like they're behaving like regular clothing, and have no point in the game, because they don't have any affect against the rain.

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