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(.63 new EXP) Melee item(s) & infected bugs
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Brass knuckles are in the game, but don't seem configured yet, and are doing no damage what so ever. (could be multiple melee weapons which are like this)

*P.S* You can still abuse the melee exploit very hard (blocking glitch, while attacking, take no damage), and I believe this, hit reg, and FPS should be fixed before Stable*

Infected wise, whenever they are attacking you, they loop behind you then start attacking you, making melee look buggy, awkward/frusterating.
Infected can sometimes warp through walls, and have trouble jumping small fences (may run around it, but not jump.)

Sometimes, when you encounter infected, they will aggro, but they'll stay still/non-moving for awhile, unless you don't have your camera looking at them?

Infected are also still endlessly crawling in some situations (like a monkey) and go through structures/terrain/environment, when in this "endless crawl" mode.



Operating System
Windows 8 x64
AI Issues
Steps To Reproduce

Use brass knuckles to try and kill players/A.I (or other melee weapons which haven't been properly configured)

melee glitch: hold s (for block), and keep attacking

infected: aggro them first time, and they sometimes do a loop, or go a bit forward relative to you, then come back and start attacking you

infected in certain areas/scenarios, will sometimes stay still, and look at you before chasing you, (unless you look away from them)

Additional Information

infected in mogilveka spawning messed up, just in one area by the barn, not spread out in town?

EDIT Infected are also getting in scenarios, where they are stuck on some sort of geometry/structure when they spawn in, and they can't move at all to attack you.

The infected running around you while attacking should also be definitely fixed too, so hard to melee, when they keep zigzagging around you.

Infected should definitely be a priority to fix these bugs and issues tbh, I heard some streamers say this update is great apart from the infected being lacking, so definitely look into this ;) @Geez

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