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Broken Hit Registration Scenario // Stress 55
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I'm sure you guys know about the issues with hit reg, but it very well still exists on the new stress test patch.
Broken to the point, where my entire CR75 mag, wouldn't kill a single zombie (15 rounds, only blood splashes, no damage)

However, my M4A1 was better, although it felt way more shots to kill than normally, so it wasn't that good.

With the CR75, I picked up about 3 pistol mags, plus a box of 9mm ammo. I think for one of my magazines (which was loaded within the pistol), it could've either

  1. all server spawned ammo from the picked up magazines I grabbed into the one pistol mag I loaded into my pistol


  1. Server spawned ammo in the magazine, along with ammo I manually put in from the box of 9mm I picked up.

Personally I think it was 2. most likely, but there's a small chance it could been #1.

Also, I did try using X to switch fire modes, just to see if there was a different fire option, and that also could've led to the hit registration issue, as I heard Eugen say it was an issue plaguing hit registration as well.


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Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Use X to switch fire modes w/ the CR75, and other weapons. (try it once, or multiples times)
(however, this may be pointless, as you guys know about the fire mode issue ^)

Use a combination of either

  1. all server spawned ammo inside magazines
  1. Server spawned ammo in the magazine, along with ammo you manually put in from boxes of ammo you pick up
  1. All manually put in ammo from boxes of ammo you pick up.
Additional Information

Gun Depth of field still needs work, it blurs the surroundings of my screen where I'm looking at instead of just the gun.
Also, does it make sense to kind of blur pistol rear sights like the CR75, FNX, Makarov, etc. ? because it's makes aiming with them weird ( not in a good way)

still like DOF, if you guys can make it work :), just needs tweaking

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