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stress test 52/ Zombies NavMesh/pathfinding being Buggy
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Stress test #50-52 the zombies have been really weird, and bizzare in terms of navmesh/pathfinding. You can shoot multiple shots, but they will still go to the first shot you ever fire (ignoring the rest of the bullets you just fired, which they should be alerted to?)
If you are inside a building, they take very long to get inside the building, if chasing after you.

Also, something with being on top of the hills at NWAF (above hangars, etc.) they won't chase you, (even if you spray a full magazine and bullets beside them). It's until you go to the bottom of these hills, where they will then chase after you. Can be very random, but just noticed it happening quite a bit.

(another one, is that there's so many zombies glitched inside of these hills that you can hear? They might run glitch/into these hills and get stucK)


Have Not Tried
Operating System
Windows 7
AI Pathfinding / Motion
Steps To Reproduce

Shoot a bullet in the air medium range from zombies
Run away from the location
Start spraying a full mag in the air
Those zombies alerted to the first bullet most likely won't chase after you (can be random)

#2: Aggro on a zombie, run away , go into building, wait for how long he takes to come inside

#3: this one is tricky, and I only got once to be done, but...
Get a zombie near one of the hangar hills
Shoot bullets in the air, whlist on top of the hangar hill (while zombie is on the ground, not on hill)
Check if he aggros and chases onto hill.

If not, check if he will chase once you step down off the hill, and shoot

#4(last one), Get a infected aggro or just roaming, to navigate across one of these hangars hills, and check if he morphs through the terrain and gets stuck inside the hill

Additional Information

sorry if this is very unclear, but the state of zombies right now is very unconsistent/buggy. Let me know if you guys need more info, i'll try to get some.

*also forgot to mention, they sometime crawl away straight endlessly, regardless of humans being near, or attempting to aggro (crawling in a crouch position away, or crawling prone away in a straight line)

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