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.63 Can't go prone through the bottom openings of these walls
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On .63 in general, at NWAF by the ATC, You can't go prone and crawl through the break in the bottom of the walls, that have a concrete ramp on the bottom of it ( concrete slope below break in wall)
I tried all the breaks around the ATC, and the ones that do work are the ones, that have flat terrain beneath them, and no concrete slope (just grass)
It also glitches your characters aim/crosshair alignment, by doing this in 3PP, and somewhat in 1pp, even without pressing the aim button with the weapon.
(Crosshair is center, gun is way below, or above it)


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Go to the walls by ATC at NWAF, (or any walls that have breaks in the bottom of them, and have a downward concrete slope,ramp below them)
Try to crawl under these walls with the concrete slope mentioned above
Try rolling, crawling through, etc.
Check if Misalignment crosshair-gun glitch happens (could be different results if you try crawling in 3pp or 1pp?)

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CJ added a subscriber: CJ.EditedOct 31 2018, 7:46 PM

I've noticed this but in one of the military areas. Was able to fit by removing my backpack and crawling through. Then was able to pick up my backpack after crawling through. Have you tried this?