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Stress test 52 Weapon Swap animation bugs
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With weapon swap animation added in, if you try to switch to your weapon (from carrying on shoulder, by using hotkey, maybe inventory)
and you hold the Aim button (right mouse button), while the animation is playing
The process of bringing the weapon up looks smooth, until the gun is fully aimed in your hands, and then it does a janky, gun jumps in your hand animation.

Then, when you put away your weapon onto your shoulder (using hotkey), and hold the Aim/Raise fists button (right mouse button), while the weapon shouldering animation is playing, you will have a gun cross hair remain on your screen, even without gun out.


Operating System
Windows 8 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Have weapon shouldered
hotkey the weapon
Press hotkey to take out weapon into hands (it will play weapon swap animation)
hold right click/aim/raise button while doing so
the weapon animation, will suddenly jump and be janky at the end, going into your hands

Press hotkey to put away weapon into inventory/shoulder
Hold aim/raise fists button (right mouse button), (while the animation to put weapon on shoulder is playing)
You will now have a weapon cross hair on your screen, even with no gun out.

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