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Issues/Bugs/Feedback with Vehicles (Cars, Lada) (Stress Test #50)
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#1:, if you enter a vehicle whilst holding a weapon in your hands, your arm becomes bugged and stretched out. This can also happen when putting the car hood, and car trunk in your hands.
This causes a very strange, ugly looking visual bug, as well with causing the crosshair-weapon misalignment bug.

#2: Jumping out of a car while it's driving at a relatively high speed, causes a bug with your character head looking down, ultimately causing the crosshair-weapon misalignment bug again.

#3: The windshield in first person; looking through it, sometimes foliage can appear as very dark and black, kind of like artifacting?

(Feedback and Issues)

#1: The car input controls, are very delayed and bad right now. If you press A to steer left, even after letting go of A, your car will still continue to steer left for a bit (maybe half a second)
This makes the car controls feel very clunky, and horrible to drive when having to do turns.

#2: Once you start driving, the front suspension of the car is tipped forwards (Not sure if intentional), just doesn't look right.


Operating System
Windows 8 x64
Steps To Reproduce

For Bug #1:

  1. Have a weapon like the UMP in your hands.
  2. Enter the vehicle from both driver seat, and passenger, and notice the bugged stretched hands, even if you get out.
  3. Try aiming whlist you've got the arm bug. (misalignment bug occurs)

Also, try picking up the car trunk, and car hood in your hands

For Bug #2:

  1. Start driving at a relative high speed.
  2. Press F and Jump out
  3. Notice your head is facing down, and try aiming whilst using a firearm (misalignment bug)

For Bug #3:
This one is harder to do, but just try driving around looking at foliage, and looking in First Person. You seem to have to need the right angles (maybe just the ones in the screenshot?).

Additional Information

I love the new update, so many nice touches! Keep up the great work.

Small minor things I'd like though.
Leaning be more swift/fluid, kind of feels robotic, and if you lean the screen tilts would be nice, (Like escape from tarkov)

The new bleeding effect, needs work (love the idea of separate bleed holes being represented), the blood fountain is way too much/constant, and looks a bit unrealistic/cartoonish

Hypothermia makes you lose blood

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Hello xArmanR and thank you for the report.
Most of the issues mentioned here are known and scheduled for a fix. As for the issue with the dark spots on the foliage when viewing through the windshield. Have you tried to check if the dark spots disappear in third person view / when looking through the door? And if so, could you try to record us a video of this?

Yeah. Seems like its just the windshields as an object. The windshields all look washed out, and plagued with a weird color palette system
, the side ones, front one, back sides ones, etc. all look like they produce very dark, black areas, and washed out colours, etc.

It seems item based (windshield item)

As well as that, it seems like you're able to take and put car parts which are use in the car (wheels, battery, hood) into your hands, inventory, vicinity or car inventory, while driving
Something that you shouldn't be able to do, especially taking a wheel from the car mid-drive (that's in use) to your hands instantly, to shield from bullets coming in.

Also you're able to jump with heavy objects within hands like wheels, hood, etc. (where you're supposed to walk), and it can cause your hands to glitch

Geez added a comment.Oct 24 2018, 10:22 AM

Thank you for the videos xArmanR.
The issue with wheel jumping and glitchy animation is known as well. If it is not a problem, can you also send us a screenshot of your in game video settings?

Yes, this is my settings for my low-end PC which runs at 720P, and everything, you can think of at the lowest quality

On my high-end PC, (currently no access) it runs at 3840x2160 (4k), and runs Object Detail, Texture Detail, Terrain Surface Detail all on {Extreme} Terrain Detail on {HIGH} Clouds, Shadows, Texture Filtering, Ambient Occulsion, on {MEDIUM} Postprocess Quality on {LOW} PP AA and HW AA on {DISABLED}

and I still get this issue on Stress Test #52, I know another person who's getting this issue too, so it's not an isolated incident.

Geez changed the task status from Need More Info to Acknowledged.Oct 29 2018, 4:30 PM

Thank you xArmanR.
We have confirmed the issue and it has been scheduled for a fix.

Geez closed this task as Resolved.EditedOct 31 2018, 5:36 PM
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Hello xArmanR.
The issue with the trees and vehicle windshield has been fixed internally and will be fixed on Steam in the future.

Geez reopened this task as Acknowledged.Oct 31 2018, 5:37 PM
Geez added a comment.Nov 6 2018, 3:12 PM

Hello again.
The issue with misaligned aim upon leaving the moving vehicle has been fixed internally as well and will be fixed on Steam in the future.

I dont know if said fixes have been done already, but what xArmanR describes in his feedback #1 and #2 has happened to me too while I was playing on DayZ AUS 1-1 with the Lada Niva the last days. Especially the nose tipping downward so much is really annoying. Also the vehicle sounds so crazy loud and sound as if it wants to explode any minute... is engine oil needed or have I missed something else? (I have 4 pristine wheels, batterie, spark plug and I filled the radiator with normal water)