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Shooting bug, and instant swap issue when using weapon swap animation (Stress Test #50)
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If you try using the new weapon swap animation, it's possible to still shoot in the process, which can cause you killing your victim, or even potientially killing yourself (killing yourself happens most of the time)

This will happen, if you want to try and shoot and your target right away, and are holding the aim button, and spamming the fire button, while in the middle of the weapon swap animation (hoping to kill your victim as soon as possible), but instead you get bugged out, and probably will kill yourself instead.

Also, you can still instant swap to your weapon, if you are holding something in your hand other than just nothing, but fists out (examples: beans, mags, maps, radios, all items in hands), you can just swap instantly to your weapon, bypassing the animation, which is very exploitable.


Operating System
Windows 8 x64
Steps To Reproduce

For the shooting bug...

  1. Have a loaded weapon on your back, and nothing in your hands(just fists)
  2. Press the designated hotkey for your weapon
  3. As your character is playing the weapon swap animation, Hold the Aim button (RMB), and Spam the Fire button (LMB)
  4. Your character and gun will kind of bug out, and you can potentially hurt or kill yourself, or maybe even instantly kill the person in front of you.

For Instant weapon swap bug...

  1. Put some item in your hands, that's not just your fists (e,g; Beans, Map, Radio, Clothes, maybe another weapon?(melee, or firearms?)
  2. Press the hotkey designated for your firearm, you're trying to switch you
  3. Instant weapon swap animation, for pulling out your firearm.

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Hello xArmanR and thank you for the report.
We have confirmed the issue and it has been scheduled for a fix.