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Unclosed curly braces produces no error
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Calling an expression with unclosed curly braces produces no error. Nothing happens. ARMA should be reporting an error.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Go into the debug console's Execute area and enter the following:

typeName call { 0

then press LOCAL EXEC. Nothing will be returned.

In contrast, append the closing curly brace, press LOCAL EXEC and the answer given will be "SCALAR".

Additional Information

This is a nasty bug because it means that any preInit functions or files run during a mission startup that have mismatched curly braces will simply not execute - in their entirety. Symbols will not be defined, threads will not be started, and the user won't know anything is wrong. Because ARMA also doesn't give errors when calling a symbol that evaluates as nil, some very strange behaviors can result.

Note that unclosed parentheses and square braces are correctly detected and reported to the user.

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JB47394 created this task.Oct 13 2018, 7:43 PM

In the same vein, an unclosed quoted string will also produce no error. The specific case I ran into was a quoted string that was closed, but lacked a semicolon after it. No error was generated and the file's contents were not available at runtime.