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[0.63 Experimental] SVD Bullet Velocity is Off
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While playing the game online I noticed that the bullet speed of the SVD seemed quite slow for a relatively high-caliber sniper rifle.

I decided to test this in the offline mode, to eliminate server lag as a possible cause.

Shooting at a target a little more than 500m away, the M4 took roughly .5-.6s to reach the target, which is close to accurate to the real-world gun (910m/s).

However, the SVD took roughly 1.1s to reach the target, which is just over half of the muzzle velocity of the real-world gun (830m/s).


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  • Shoot gun
  • Time the delay between firing the gun and receiving the bullet impact feedback.
Additional Information
  • This seems like a misconfiguration, although I suppose it could also be a design decision to guard against the gun being overpowered(?).
  • The real-world numbers were gotten from online resources including Wikipedia (and Wikipedia is NEVER wrong, right? *smirk*)
  • I suspect this will be easy for you to test with your weapon debug, but if you require video proof, let me know and I can provide. Thank you!

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Please disregard this report and see @Gews much more scientific report here:

Thank you

Gews added a comment.EditedDec 10 2018, 3:23 AM

You forgot to account for deceleration of the bullet; something which DayZ simulates. In real life, muzzle velocity of the M4A1 with M855 ammunition is 2900 ft/s (884 m/s), but the bullet at the muzzle experiences a deceleration of 900 m/s², or 92 Gs.

That's a lot. In fact, the bullet will lose ~20%* of its kinetic energy by 100 m. By 500 m, it's lost ~75%*!

The muzzle velocity from the M4A1 might be 2900 ft/s, but the average velocity over 500 m is more like 2000 ft/s. So in real life it would take about 0.8 seconds to reach 500 m.

The SVD starts off somewhat slower, in real life, but the heavier bullet doesn't lose as much speed, and ends up also taking about 0.8 seconds for 500 m.

All that's for real life, and in-game doesn't apply because super wonky new 0.63 ballistic values.

Anyways, I don't trust testing time of flight too much. I tried timing the flight back a while ago and it didn't match my predictions, in that case there seemed to be a small lag between bullet impact time, and the visible splash time on my client. That was a live server. Offline might be better but not sure how accurate, still.

But you're right, ballistics are off (really wildly!!!) and 5.56 should take a bit over half a second at those ranges.