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Virtual Garage Mod Icon Disappearing
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In Virtual Garage, if you select a mod vehicle and view its information box in the bottom right it shows the mod team's logo (if provided). If you happen to mouse hover over the icon it turns into one of the A3 logos - whichever one was accessed last. E.G.: if you looked at a Jets DLC plane, and then a Tanks DLC tank, and then an RHS vehicle, the RHS logo would turn into a Tanks DLC logo on mouseover. It doesn't go back until you switch vehicles. This is also happening with other mods' logos, including mine, but I used RHS as a widely recognizable mod example.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Virtual Arsenal
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Navigate straight to Virtual Arsenal > Virtual Garage on fresh game start.
  2. Select a Mod vehicle. Mod's logo (if available) should appear to the left of the info box in the lower right.
  3. Mouse over the icon. It switches to a default icon (Apex icon in my case).
  4. Select a DLC vehicle, like the F/A181. Mouse over does a highlight action, similar to Mod mouseover on main screen.
  5. Select a mod vehicle again, could be same or different as long as the mod devs provided an icon.
  6. Mouse over the icon again, and now it's the icon of whatever last A3 vehicle was selected (in this case it should have been Jets DLC).
Additional Information

This happens even for mod icons that have a specified mouse over state working on the main screen. It could be a small matter of how the UI is programmed in Virtual Garage, or perhaps we as modders are missing a set of icon parameters when creating our mods.

Incidentally, the small mod icon does not show in the left bar vehicle list, as it does for Arsenal items. Perhaps this could be another ticket, unless it's directly related to whatever is causing this ticket's problem.