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Server only shows under LAN or by searching by IP
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Server does not show up under any tabs except for LAN or by searching by IP for it. Players can connect to the server but it needs to display under the server lists.

Server IP:

hostname = "OSG DayZ"; Server name
password = "";
Password for connection to the server
passwordAdmin = ""; // Password to become server admin

maxPlayers = 60; // Maximum amount of players

verifySignatures = 2; Verifies .pbos against .bisign files. (use only 2)
forceSameBuild = 1;
Server will allow connection only to clients with same exe revision as server when active (value 0-1)

disableVoN = 0; Enable/disable voice over network (value 0-1)
vonCodecQuality = 7;
Voice over network codec quality (values 0-30)

disable3rdPerson=0; turn on/off 3rd person view for players on the particular server instance (value 0-1)
turn on/off cross-hair on the particular server instance (value 0-1)

serverTime="2015/4/8/08/00"; Server Start Time Initial ingame time of server. "SystemTime" means local time of machine. Another possibility is to set the time to some value in "YYYY/MM/DD/HH/MM" format, f.e. "2015/4/8/23/23" .
serverTimeAcceleration=0; Accelerated Time (value 0-24) This is a time multiplier for in-game time. In this case time would move 24 times faster than normal, an entire day would pass in one hour.
serverTimePersistent=0; Persistent Time (value 0-1) Actual server time is saved to storage, so when active, next server start will use saved time value.

guaranteedUpdates=1; // Communication protocol used with game server (use only number 1)

loginQueueConcurrentPlayers=5; Number of players concurrently processed during login process. Should prevent massive performance drop during connection when a lot of people are connecting in the same time.
Maximum number of players that can wait in login queue

instanceId = 1; DayZ server instance id to identify number of instances per box and their storage folders with persistence files
lootHistory = 1;
how many persistence history files should been kept by instance, number is looped over during save
storeHouseStateDisabled = true; Disable houses/doors persistence (value true/false), usable in case of problems with persistence
storageAutoFix = 1;
Checks if persistence files are corrupted and replaces corrupted ones with empty ones (value 0-1)

class Missions

class DayZ
    template="dayzOffline.chernarusplus";        //used mission         //first part is mission name, second part is used map


respawnTime = 5; // Sets the respawn delay (in seconds) before the player is able to get a new character on the server, when the previous one is dead

motd[] = {"","","","","","Welcome to OSG","Join us on Discord","Please report bugs in the bug channel","Please provide server suggestions in suggestions channel"}; Message of the day displayed in the in-game chat
motdInterval = 5;
Time interval (in seconds) between each message

maxPing= 200; // Max ping value until server kick the user (value in milliseconds)

timeStampFormat = "Short"; Format for timestamps in the .rpt file (value Full/Short)
logAverageFps = 1;
Logs the average server FPS (value in seconds), needs to have -dologs launch parameter active
logMemory = 1; Logs the server memory usage (value in seconds), needs to have the -dologs launch parameter active
logPlayers = 1;
Logs the count of currently connected players (value in seconds), needs to have the -dologs launch parameter active
logFile = "server_console.log";// Saves the server console log to a file in the folder with the other server logs

enableDebugMonitor = 0; //shows info about the character using a debug window in a corner of the screen (value 0-1)

@Echo off
color 0a
title OSG DayZ Monitor
echo Launching Server
cd "E:\DayZ\Server"
echo OSG DayZ Monitor... Active !
start "Dayz" /wait DayZServer_x64.exe -port=2302 -config=instance\serverDZ.cfg -profiles=E:\DayZFiles\Documents\DayZ -BEPath=E:\DayZ\Server\battleye
ping -n 15 >NUL
echo DayZ Shutdown ... Restarting!
ping -n 5 >NUL
goto Serverstart


Operating System
Windows 7
Server Browser Steam

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Geez changed the task status from New to Need More Info.Sep 21 2018, 12:33 PM
Geez added a subscriber: Geez.

Hello JohnnyBravo2014.
Have you enabled the server executable in your firewall? In case you haven't, try adding the exception manually and let us know if the issue still persists.


If you're talking about the DayZServer_x64.exe file then yes I have manually added it to the firewall. If not, can you point me to the correct file?



Now I'm having an issue where I do see it in the community tab, but the server IP is my local IP address.

When I try to search for the server by IP, I get nothing displayed. I can see it by LAN when not searching by IP and can join.

One of my friends can search the server by IP as it still does not show up in the server browser list, and he can join just fine after finding it. Another friend cannot see the server when searching by IP, but can connect to it by joining off the other friend.

This issue seems to be deteriorating even more than it was originally.

JohnnyBravo2014 changed Severity from None to Major.Sep 24 2018, 8:29 AM
Geez added a comment.Sep 24 2018, 4:34 PM

Hello again.
Can you try to put this into your server config and let us know if it has any effect on the issues you are experiencing?

steamQueryPort = 2305;


Hi Geez,

Just wanted to say thank you for that as that did solve the issue. I had one of the players load in just now and confirmed it was displaying without manually searching.

Thank you very much for your help!


Geez closed this task as Resolved.Sep 25 2018, 10:22 AM
Geez claimed this task.

Hello JohnnyBravo2014.
We are glad to hear that the issue has been resolved. In that case I am going to set this ticket as Resolved, but feel free to submit another ticket in case you run into any issues in the future.