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Issues with 1PP 0.63 (please read)
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With 1PP, there's a number of issues & suggestions that needs to be fixed/addressed.

#1: This includes the clunky/irriating player turns, when turns more than 90 degrees at one time, moves your body/shoulders before your head (head comes 2nd) and it feels so off and having to make sudden turns, and just waiting for your head to turn :(

#2: (standing still is fine) When jogging, sprinting, crouch-walking, etc. and you turn to free-look behind you, you can see inside of your neck, and it obstructs view & doesn't look pleasant to view. If you can't fix it (with camera position & what not)
Allow for when jogging, sprinting, crouch-walking, etc. you can only see a bit less than 360 degrees (maybe 280-320° or something) so when you freelook, you can only see sides, and a bit behind.

#3: Some melee animations can be overly-exaggerated, and very clunky/ not fluid/ and hard to control in melee fights.
This especially occurs with using big weapons like axe, sledgehammer, shovel, and using attacks, and mainly heavy attacks feel way too over-exaggerated, hard to control, not smooth, and unpleasant to use in 1PP :(

Video footage of what I'm talking about:


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Windows 8 x64
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Please read, and take note, and try to incorporate in the game. I love DayZ, and 1PP and I just don't feel good playing it right now :( @Geez

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