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Day z xbox new update no servers on list except nifty
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All items and servers are gone for me and five others that I know of


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Fauxxie added a subscriber: Fauxxie.Sep 5 2018, 6:02 PM

X box is the same. Logged on after update. Everything in my backpack, pants, and jacket were gone. Then I was disconnected and when I tried to log on there were no servers.

iv just done the update on xbox one, I tried to join but it came up with no servers at all its obvious everyones having this issue it needs to be rectified asap after all weve paid for the beta.

They have taken the servers down to rectify the problem that after update that a lot of peoples items were gone from inventory.

Servers are still down but I have ppl in UK able to play

I was just able to get on and play. Make sure you downloaded the new update. They rolled back the changes and released a 700 mb update to roll it back.

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Hello everyone.
The servers were down due to the issue with disappearing items from inventory which required us to revert the update.