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You lose everything after the last update -_-
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after the last update, when you leave and join another server then everything you have in your inventory just disappears.

---Does DayZ developers test their updates before releasing them to the public????


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Hello Tigerking01 and thank you for the report.
We are currently investigating the issue internally and are working on fixing the issue as soon as possible.

Same issue I had a bunch of food and water containers, ammo, and mags, now it's all gone and I'm not going to be playing until its fixed

DayZ version: 0.63.148521
System: Xbox One
GamerTag: TonyAllenJr2983
Server: Official DayZ Game Preview
ISSUE: Lost all items in inventory that was not directly worn or equiped after "no messaged recieved" loss of connection to host durong game play.

Details: I was playing after the recent update and still had all my items however, after I lost connection to host and I logged back into a new server all the stuff i had was gone. Only equiped item remained, Axe, Clothing, Rifle, anything I anything directly equipped was still present. Lost items include, Protector Case containing 3 road flares, 1 flashlight, Matches, and IJ-70 Pistol. 2 leather sewing kits, 1 sewing kit, 3 ropes, 3 .380 mags 1 full 1 x2 rounds 1 empty, 3 pet bottles 1 empty 2 full, some wood, rags, and countless other things. I cant remember it all.

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Also happened to me got connection lost then went back backpack was empty but still had my pistol I had in hand before getting kicked also when I first joined a server right after todays update had mountain backpack about half full accidentally click on it in my inventory and put it in my hands when I equied it again it was empty

Xbox one x

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Hey I'm having the same problem all of my items disappeared out of my inventory. So I committed suicide to start all over again. So I started collecting loot again then I logged off. And came back and everything in this character's inventory is disappearing too

Xbox One X
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I had the same thing happen, alice pack and vest were full of full AK clips, boxes of ammo, food water, etc. Almost didn't notice it right away, until I realized I had a lot more stamina.
I collected a bunch of food and water, luckily, but when the server restarted, I jumped back in and it was ALL gone again.
Definitely game breaking for me, been loving this game so much but I won't be able to play until it's resolved unfortunately. Especially when the servers reset so damn often.

EDIT: On xbox one, if that is needed at all

So Idk if I lost anything yet because my character on the home screen still looks looted up......... buuuttt MY issue is that I have NO SERVERS TO JOIN!!!! WHY???? someone that works on this game TELL ME! please, I also love that you guys made searching for a server more advanced but once again I HAVE NO SERVERS TO JOIN😭😭😭😭

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@dickjohnson It seemed to me like the update changed the server menu, so that the tabs on the upper right side of the screen actually worked (They added an option or two as well)
All I had to do was adjust those settings to find servers. Back out to main, or refresh, they should pop up.
And the issue is, things that aren't equipped are lost, so it left you your clothes, main weapons, etc.

EDIT: just checked the servers myself, seems to me like they took them down for now. Makes sense, since so many people are losing everything and the like. Probably working on a sever side fix or something or other

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That is normal, server resets wipe data. Remeber they are fixing bugs.. this IS the test. Servers will reset after a patch.

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Got killed by a bullet proof guy with a hatchet dunno if thats a bug or someone just being a goon.

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Again after the last Arma 3 update on the 4th, our Dedicated server fails to launch. The only way to get it to run is to turn off all but one of the RHS addons?

Previous to the update the server was working with no problems using all our Addons,
Something similar happened the last Arma 3 update & Bis undid part of the update (Security was it?) & that fixed the issue.

Are these Arma 3 updates tested on a Dedicated server running addons ?
No point in just testing on avanilla server. The game was made with tools for making addons, & I doubt that anyone games without.