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Dynamic events disabled on PC
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During the stress tests on Aug. 23/24 there were screenshots documented of police car/heli crash sites on the PC servers, in addition to mosin spawns changing to civilian houses and shotguns spawning.

While playing this weekend (racked near 40 hours of playtime this weekend) I could not find a single shotgun after searching various western off coast towns. No buckshot ammo or hearing any distinct shotgun sounds.

As for heli crashes, obviously In their rare nature I was not expecting a high chance to come across one. Fair enough I could have been unlucky but NOBODY in the PC community reported seeing a crash site or a SVD apart from their magazine spawns.

There has been plenty of documented sights of heli crash sites on Xbox, even the SVD and shotguns being frequent finds.

Proof of helis on xbox servers:

I've been speculating that features on the PC server have been toggled off and have not been enabled again, for whatever reason.

This would mean that the xbox platform technically has more content than the PC servers which is rather disheartening. All playtime was on the NORTHEAST stress test servers.


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Hello OP and thank you for the report.
This is an issue we are aware of and it is scheduled for a fix.

OP added a comment.Aug 29 2018, 5:22 PM

I thought either I was crazy, unlucky, or the team was unaware that these dynamic events were spawning on xbox servers but not PC.

Thanks for the response. Is it a live toggle that can be enabled just like the CLE or will it have to wait for an update?

Ps. Rain menus are an ear sore!

Geez added a comment.Aug 30 2018, 2:34 PM

Hello OP.
Unfortunately the issue is more complex than just turning the dynamic events on and off, but once the issue is fixed internally I will update this ticket.

OP added a comment.Sep 3 2018, 6:50 PM
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OP added a comment.Sep 7 2018, 6:45 AM

Hey Geez, I started seeing dynamic events again as of today in the stress test servers, happy to see it. Kudos to whoever toggled the accelerated time for NE 2-2 also, happy camper over here.

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Hello OP.
The issue has indeed been fixed.