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(.63 ContentPatch #1) Issues/bugs with Aiming system (Misalignment, etc.)
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With weapons in DayZ 0.63, there is a bug/issue with the aiming system that can occur.

This is when your gun looks like it's pointing up in the sky (gun barrel pointed to sky), but instead the bullets going to the sky, in point shoot, your bullets will go to where your crosshair is pointed, making for a silly looking misalignment bug.

This is a silly, frustrating, and immersion-breaking bug, especially when you see a person using the bug, and be frustrated that you were shot and killed by someone who wasn't pointing their gun at you, but rather their crosshair.

I did this with the M4, and the steps to reproduce is listed below, also there is video evidence of what I'm showing below.

Peter Fix Pls:D{F313871}


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Point your *fully-automatic* gun to the ground

2.Begin using freelook and look around

  1. Start spraying the gun's bullets to the ground, and let it rise
  2. After Magazine is empty, Reload gun
  3. Hold down your Aiming Button, and there you go, a bugged misaligned weapon :(

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Hello xArmanR and thank you for the report.
This is a known issue and it is scheduled for a fix.