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crouch walk/run animation swapped
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when switching between crouching and walking/running i suddenly realized that my char started to run like in a nightmare: frantically while making almost no way
when pressing C again i realized my char made the crouch walking animation but in doing so making double the way. it took me just moments to understand that somehow suddenly the animations swapped in the middle of me going from crouching to walking to running going back again to crouching.

i was not able to re-create it nor was i fully awar how it came to be, since it took me some moments.

only thing i know I was swtiching quite rapidly between crouch <--> run/crouch <--> walk <-->run when it suddenly happend
it's also possible that i experienced right at the moment of the "switch" a short lag (maybe a server lag that didn't register me going into crouch position)
i also used the latest swedish stress server at around 20.00 CET 30.12.2017


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Windows 10 x64
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stress test vol.31

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