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Connecting Failed
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US Centraleast 0-3 Experimental
Character: Dormack

I can connect to other servers but my character/inventory is gone when I do.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64

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Usually connecting failed is a server that is crashing and you gotta wait a few minutes before you can join that server again.

Not in this case. It started a few days ago and I've been back to check multiple times over that time span including a few times this morning. Something else happening here

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Hello worthlesstediousaccount and thank you for the report.
Do you still have an issue with being unable to connect to this particular server? We have tested this internally but so far we have been able to connect to the server.

This issue seems to be recurring. After filing my original issue and waiting I deemed my original character lost and restarted on a new server. Though functional for awhile the connecting failed issue again resurfaced and required a server switch (this time at least my character was preserved). I'm not 100% but it seems to be related to exiting a server via pressing "Logout now" when quitting instead of waiting the 15 seconds. At a certain point I can never reconnect to the server and I'm forced to migrate. So, for now, I can mitigate via switching servers however losing a character again would be rough.

FWIW I play with three others and we've all had this issue over the past week, each time moving to a new server. If we're faced with this a lot + losing characters = not a good experience.

Geez changed the task status from Need More Info to Acknowledged.Jul 25 2018, 9:58 AM

Thank you for the update.
We are aware that such issue can occur and it is being worked on internally.