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a cause of the cannot remove magazine weapon glitch
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a common bug in .63 exp right now is the one where people find MP5s (mostly) with a mag in them and are unable to unload the mag and when they put the gun in their hands they can no longer press F or remove the item from hands.

I found a way it happens

if you have the magazine rifle (MP5, Skorpian, AK) on your back, and you have no space in inventory, if you put a magazine in your hands and press a hotkey to pull out the rifle, the mag will go into the gun because there is no more space, and this causes the bug.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

put AK, Skorpian or MP5 without a magazine on your back

put magazine in your hands

fill inventory so there is nowhere to put magazine except in the weapon

press hotkey to pull out rifle

mag should go into the gun and cause glitch where you cannot take gun out of your hands without swapping it, you cannot take out mag, and you cannot press F.

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I've had this bug happen to me before while looting a police station. I had plenty of inventory space to remove the mag and even put the gun itself in my inventory, but it still was bugged. It had an empty mag in it and even with the gun in my hands the icon of the mag was crossed out and I was unable to reload it using hotkeys.

if you put the gun in your hands, you can press R to cycle bullets out of it to empty it. This is probably what people are doing in PDs with MP5s.

similar problem with my AKM, but i didn't have a full inventory, still can't unload my magazine, so won't be able to defend myself against KOS peeps

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Hello ScrewYouThatsWhy and thank you for the report.
This is an issue we are aware of and it is scheduled for a fix.

There is a temporary fix. Drag the mag to the very far right of your inventory. Picture: Thanks to mugost

Still an issue in 1.05 on xbox. Lost a lar and m4 to it. I had plenty of space in my inventory though.