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Got boxed from an invisible player (?)
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something boxed me today, while i cant see what it was! i was able to run, but then it appeared again! and i saw how another player was then also beaten up from this ghost to death!!

if thats from a cheating player, you should as fast as possible avoid that! it will damage the game ultimately.. :((


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Windows 7

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e_xil created this task.Jul 11 2018, 2:44 PM
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hello e_xil and thank you for the report.
Has this occurred on the 0.62 or 0.63 version? And in case you experience such issue in the future, would it be possible for you to capture it on the video? Also, do you remember what was the server population at the time and if there was possibly some kind of desynchronisation occurring at the moment?

I'm pretty sure it he's referencing the 0.63 branch, as it happened to me one point the last time I was playing on a fresh spawn running around Elektro on a medium population server. I was getting shot at without hearing any supersonic cracks or gunshot sounds, and there was no angle for me to get shot at from a distance where i would not even be able to hear a suppressed weapon.