No wolves in 0.63
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Since the release of 0.63 experimental I have not come across wolves (or any other animal than chickens actually) in the world. And the last week on stress test #31 I have been travelling back and forth in wolf territory, day and night, to try and find wolves. Nothing. So either the animals are not spawning at all or the spawn is so rare that it is basically irrelevant. In 0.62 never dared venture into wolf territory without a lot of firepower, now I'm running about anywhere without a care in the world other than exposing myself to homicidal players...

Same goes for cows and deer, not seen them once in 0.63 and neither has anyone I've talked with, except for early stress test builds offline.


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Dunno, travel where wolves should spawn, they aren't there. Simple as that.

Beavis created this task.Jul 9 2018, 10:10 PM

Wolf is not ready for 0.63 sot they not implemented yet in public version of 0.63 So its not a bug. And other animals is not ready for 0.63 experimental or stress test certainly.

That is not actually true. Wolves, cows and deer were spawning in the stress test builds both on- and offline, they just don't seem to be spawning in any build since experimental was released. They are either intentionally disabled for some reason - but this is not in the change log in that case - or the spawn is bugged so it doesn't happen at all or so rarely as to be irrelevant. It's hard to survive by hunting when all there is to hunt is a chicken or two near villages...

Beavis added a comment.Fri, Sep 7, 1:02 PM

Wolves spawning normally in latest stress test builds. :)