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[Medical System] When a Player in a Command Position in a Vehicle is knocked out, the Vehicle is marked as Civilian.
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The title pretty much says it all; After the introduction of the ability to take enough damage in a vehicle to reach the 'knocked out' state with the Vanilla Medical system and not die instantly, this issue was presumably introduced in a bugfix where AI hostiles no longer shoot downed players.

Basically, if you (the player) turn out the top of a tank in the Commander seat and get knocked out but not killed, a player in Spectator (how I found out) can notice your tank is now marked as purple.

I'm not entirely certain if this actually affects the AI's ability to engage the vehicle or if the destruction of the vehicle counts towards a Player's Renegade stat, but it could and that's worth a bug report.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Health System
Steps To Reproduce

As a fore-note, the session in which I noticed this issue used the Tactical Mission Framework's Spectator system.

Enter the Multiplayer Editor with another Player (2) ready to join. Add a Spectator slot for the other player.

Place a fully-crewed Tank with no Ammunition, make Player 1 the Commander.
Enable the Revive System with instant death disabled.
Place a hostile infantry unit.

  • Extra, Place a hostile Anti-Tank unit behind a wall waypointed to walk out and see the tank after ten seconds.

Play the Test Scenario, Player 1 Turns out and gets Shot. Player 2 should see the Tank's marking turn purple, and if placed the Hostile Anti-Tank unit may or may not fire on the tank.

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Could you please create a test mission and upload it here?

Thank you.

JAKKAT added a comment.EditedJul 8 2018, 10:08 AM

While I forgot to make the mission, here's a screenshot that reminded me of and displays the issue in TMF Spectator:
Making the mission now

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JAKKAT added a comment.EditedJul 8 2018, 10:31 AM

Here is the mission and two screenshots taken testing the mission - testable because I remembered there's a spectator button in the esc-menu. The first screenshot notes that unlike the TMF Spectator, Allegiance does not appear to change. The second screenshot notes that, as expected, once the Commander is shot the Rifleman (AT) proceeds to ignore the vehicle - unlike when the commander wasn't shot while turned out (because of AI inaccuracy), at which point the vehicle was subjected to RPG fire.

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Thank you.

We will have a look at it and see if anything can be done about it.