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Zeus losing interface
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My clan and I had those issues with Zeus for several months now, and every attempt at fixing the problem was unsuccessful. We could use Zeus only as long the Zeus-player was logged into the GameMaster-Slot upon starting the map. If he had to rejoin (because of disconnect or other reasons), he couldn't enter the Zeus-interface anymore.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Zeus - Missions
Steps To Reproduce

1 Create a Zeus mission using the virtual entities.
2 Put the mission on a dedicated server
3 Launch the with someone playing Zeus
4 Have the Zeus swap out with someone else
5 The Zeus interface disappears

Additional Information

I have been looking into different code to fix the issue. The code below used to fix this issue, but currently, it doesn't fix it anymore.

if (!isnull (getassignedcuratorunit _x)) then {

		_unit = getassignedcuratorunit _x;
		if (isnull (getassignedcuratorlogic _unit)) then {
			unassignCurator _x;
			sleep 1;
			_unit assignCurator _x;

} foreach allcurators;

Here is a copy of the mission. It only required 2 mods. CBA and ACE3.

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Wulf added a subscriber: Wulf.Jun 13 2018, 5:16 PM


Does this occur in default Zeus missions as well or just your custom missions?