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Couldn't interact with the world but no disconnect message either, logout timer bugged (stress test 18)
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Video for reference.

Played for about 40 minutes (started around 18:00 my time), was in Novy PD, when suddenly I couldn't open any doors or use items in the inventory (0:08 in the video).

Waited for the red "no response from server in x seconds..." but it didn't come. Server = SWE 1-1. When I then tried to log out, the log out timer was bugged, no seconds showing, and waiting 15 seconds didn't log me out (1:50 in the video). Logged out by pressing the button and tried to connect to the same SWE 1-1 server, "connecting failed".

Tried another server and the database lock happened. Haven't been able to connect to SWE 1-1 ever since to "unlock" my character. Steam link:


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Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
1709 16299.431
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Log files included, link to a video.

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I had the EXACT same problem on the SWE 1-1 server (reported under a different ticket). Couldn't interact, no countdown timer when logging out, couldn't connect and got the character locked on other servers.

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Same issue I had: T129882

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