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AI Disembark Flips Vehicles (video included)
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Vanilla ArmA 3, version 1.82.144710 (with no mods loaded).

100% repeatable.

When AI is shot and then disembarks vehicles, that AI (very often) collides with his vehicle, often causing the vehicle to flip over.

Very easy to reproduce, please see this video:


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Load up a bunch of vehicles with AI as cargo. In my case, I used AAF Zamaks (I_Truck_02_transport_F), with 8 cargo guys per truck. Have player be on opposing side, with setCaptive true.

Shoot (but don't kill) the AI to get them to disembark. Guy getting out will errantly collide with vehicle, often causing vehicles to completely flip over.

The worst offenders are the guys getting out of the front. (The guys getting out of back can cause very high impact collisions too, if you experiment long enough.)

Additional Information

I consider this a *major* issue, because it's happening constantly in my mission, where I routinely bring in truckloads of enemy reinforcements. My players often see these trucks coming and shoot the enemies in the front of the truck first. When these guys in front disembark, whammo, the truck flips. It's a real game-breaker.

I believe I started noticing this bug alongside the Tanks DLC platform updates. I like that vehicle to foot unit collisions now seems to be better & seem to last for longer. Please keep all that great new collision/interaction! Just fix the part where AI is disembarking (and conscious, etc).

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Could you please uplaod the mission here?

Thank you.

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Issue is not resolved



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