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Possible Bug - AT Launcher Guide By Wire Is Impacted By Thermal Flares
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This may be realistic and "works as expected" (I have no idea honestly but I'd rather ask than blindly accept it). That said, when I use AT Titan with "Guide by Wire" I'm finding that the rocket is affected by flares even though it is being guiding based on operator feedback thru the view finder as opposed to being in heat lock.

The result is that it will fail to track what I'm pointing at and will instead nose dive at the location of the flare/heat source. Is this correct/expected?


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Equip Titan AT
  2. Have a tank at some distance
  3. Either pop flares on the tank and then launch a guided AT towards it or launch the rocket and then have the tank pop flares while rocket is inbound.
  4. When AT Titan approaches the thermal flare cloud it nose dives to the ground even though it's in guided mode
Additional Information

In the heat of battle multiple players often target a tank with the locking system. I instead choose to stay a 1000+ meters back and guide m rockets in. The problem is that if I launch a rocket and then someone else does the same the tank operator will flare and so my guided rocket never ends up being wasted. On the flip side it means that I often have to keep waiting to attack while the tank is concealed behind a thermal flare cloud.

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