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Going prone with AT launcher causes player to sometimes end up standing
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This used to be a bug a year ago but it appears to be back. First off this doesn't happen consistently (at least not for me). If you have the launcher (AT Titan possible others) out and attempt to go prone the player stows the AT launcher goes prone but then stands back up. Very similar to what I recall the prior bug doing and it definitely affected other launchers. This can be very bad in the heat of combat as it often leave my player exposed (I was going prone for a reason).


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Have a rifle and AT Titan equiped (in my case the AK-12 with a Kahlia scope)
  2. Equip the AT Titan
  3. Attempt to go prone a) animation of launcher being stowed is played and sometimes player seems to go thru the motions of equipping the rifle and even appears to loop. b) player goes prone c) Player stands up
Additional Information

I'm not home at the moment to verify all steps again and I came across this multiple times on Sunday night. This is the first bug I've logged so I will try to repro and refine the bug (hopefully that can be done, our defect tracking system allows for that) tonight when I get home from work so please be patient if repro is not possible.

Note this doesn't seem to always occur so this may require a number of attempts and permutations of actions one might take during battle with a tank:

  • Note that if you can't repro try starting from a crouched position (it's the position I most often use and might explain why it's not consistent). Also try starting from a lower stance crouch (Ctrl key may also be related)
    • If you still can't repro try firing at least one rocket and reloading before attempting (again may need to be in a crouche lower low crouch stance)
      • If you still can't repro try moving (running, comat pace, crouch run, etc) and then retry all steps including firing and reloading per * and **

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