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.63 Opening cand of food causes gamebreaking bug
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Whenever you open a can of food that requires something like a knife to open it, once you do the animation of opening it the can disappears and nothing appears in your hand, although your hand is shaped as if you’re holding a round object. At this point you can’t equip anything, meaning you are unable to fight back against zombies, eat, drink, basically everything. I think it’s also worth noting that trying to throw the invisible item in your hand doesn’t work sadly. Would be awesome if this bug was fixed because I played .63 offline for 4 hours straight and had so much fun with it and it would be so much more fun if there was more food that actually was able to be eaten.


Operating System
Windows 10
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce

Take can of food that requires a can opener into your hand. Drag can opener/knife/axe to combine. Hold left click to open the can. Once the can is opened you are unable to do anything with your hands other than punch.

Additional Information

I hope you guys can release a hotfix for this, I understand why if not but I would be extremly happy if you guys could. Thabks