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Majore game breaking issue: Laying down impossible
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Game in "offline" (aka "Stop to cry all you kids") mode, language auto set to german. Can't lay down with pre-assigned key Y. Assigning it to something else doesn't help.


Operating System
Windows 7

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Adding to the issue: You cannot bind prone or crouch to any keys, and "C" makes you do all three stances instead of just standing up. Toggle raise weapon is buggy.

Zoom in is also buggy and you cannot zoom into the iron sights like before.

Thank you for adding informations.

Yes, zoom is buggy too. I can bind mouse button 5 (thumb forward) to "zoom in" and it works.
I can bind mouse button 4 (thumb back) to "zoom out" but it does not do anything.

To your zoom iron sight thing:
you need to double tab the right mouse button to zoom in.
This is a kind of bad decision in my opinion.

They should have a look at BF1 how they handle it. It's just perfect there.

In DayZ until 0.62 you have this space-bar massacre to zoom in to iron sight etc. Now it's double tab right mouse button. It's really not better.

The only thing I see currently from "pre release 0.63" ...
graphics, mh, a bit better maybe? sound is really better than before. Anything else I can't tell about anything because I don't see anything good. Sad to say but true.

0.63 is everything but NOT even able to be in experimental in 2018.

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Hello dizzydizzy and thank you for the report.
As mentioned here, we are aware that setting custom key binds does not work properly at the moment and it is being worked on.

laying down still not possible. using mouse button 4 neither.
plus when shooting a bit often and fast you can not reload, you can not change weapon you cant do anything.

Sorry to say that, but DayZ 0.63 2018 is gone imho.