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After 1.82 the sound of the track-collision with the small stone fences disappeared.
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Hi Devs! Before the update 1.82. the sound of track-collision, when tracked vehicle of player hit the small stone fences (which are abound at every step on the islands of Arma) worked perfectly.
It was a great feeling, when the tank with player onboard was facing an obstacle in its path, but now, after 1.82 this sound has disappeared.

I made a video example -
You can hear it - here are no any sounds, as if the player is riding a butter.

Unfortunatelly the absence of sound simulation looks very bad, when playing in the first person. The player has no more sensation that he is riding through the stones. BIS please return this collision sound back!


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

go through the rocks (small stone fences) to any tracked vehicle

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mickeymen updated the task description. (Show Details)

Hey, the dear developers! I know you have a lot to do, you are working to save the world, but please bring back the sounds of the collision of the tank tracks with the stones!

After 1.82 Driving on tracking vehicles lost its charm