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When using 'LOAD LOADOUT' in the virtual arsenal, Items reset.
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Whenever you use 'LOAD LOADOUT' in the virtual arsenal, it loads everything from the arsenal, rather than checking per item if you already have that item equipped.
Because of this, the item gets reset.

With most items that is not a problem, however when playing with mods like @task_force_radio, the radio and the backpack keep resetting.

By checking per item if the unit already has the item before loading it, you can prevent resetting the item.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Virtual Arsenal
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start the game with @CBA and @task_force_radio.
  2. Open the virtual arsenal.
  3. Save a loadout that includes a radio and radio backpack from @task_force_radio.
  4. Set the radios to specific arbitrary frequencies.
  5. Load the loadout from the arsenal.
  6. The radios have reset.

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By radio and backpack gets reset, what do you mean? As there are different objects or some settings are changed? Please explain.

Thank you.

Hi there.

The mod @task_force_radio adds radios and radio-backpacks.

A feature of the mod is to set the frequency of this radio, which allows you to communicate with others on that frequency.

My new finding:
Whenever you open the arsenal, your longrange radio frequency resets, as if it replaced the item you had with a *nearly* identical one.

So it's the frequency that resets of the longrange radio.

The shortrange radio has a different problem, but that is caused by how the mod is made, rather than how the arsenal is made.

Wulf added a comment.Apr 19 2018, 11:41 AM

I am afraid we can't do much here. Since it is a modded item and Arsenal was not created with this in mind.

Yeah once I figured out why it actually happened, I guessed that too.