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Could not repair a Nyx at a 50/30% editor-set damage-level until I shot it with a .50 Cal.
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As in the title, I spawned a pair of Nyxes (with Slat armour to test if an Engineer could repair slat armour in the field [of which he can't, yay]), an Engineer w/ Toolkit, set one of the Nyx's Health at 50% (and then, as the single reproduction, at 30% when 50% didn't break the slats or show visible damage but still suffered the issue - I thought I had just cancelled the Attributes change initially).

While I could get into the Nyx and saw Red damage-levels on all parts, I could not repair it until I got into the other Nyx and put a single .50 cal round into the pre-damaged Nyx, after which I was able to repair the damage to Orange-state.

I do not know whether or not other vehicles would suffer from this issue.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
10.0.16299 Build 16299
Steps To Reproduce

In the Eden Editor, spawn a Nyx, and a HMG.
Set the Nyx's health/armour level at 30%.

Spawn an Engineer w/ Toolkit, Play.

Walk up to the Nyx, if Repair is available, yay.
If repair is not available, get into HMG and fire once into Nyx.
If repair is then available, reproduced issue.

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Thank you for the report. WE will have a look at it.