DLC Watermarks When Not Using DLC Items
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When not using any DLC Items in Zeus the Laws of War DLC watermark appears on the screen.


Operating System
Windows 10
Operating System Version
Windows 10 OS Home 64 bit
Steps To Reproduce

1: Open Steam
2: Arma 3
3: Editor
4: Any Map selected
5: Place an entity in Eden Editor
6: Place down Zeus module
7: Play as the entity

Additional Information

No Mods are running

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Which DLC do you own? Also could you please upload a screenshot?

Thank you.

Sorry for the late reply.

I don't currently own any DLC but have found DLC items on AI, especially when remote controlling them in Zeus. This picture shows a basic combat medic's inventory, which shows a DLC item in the top right of the inventory. I don't own any DLC and this character is not a DLC character. Is there anyway that I can make sure non DLC characters don't start with DLC items in their inventory?

Here is also the watermark.

(I'm not sure if the images worked.)


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The screenshots are too small for me to distinguish what item exactly causes the issue. Tried it on a steam account without DLCs and no watermark appeared when I spawned and took control of a Combat Life Saver

Sorry if the Image quality is still bad. So far I've only noticed that the Combat life saver has the earpiece but I think more of the NATO forces have them as well. I'll have to go and check but my main concern is that vanilla AI spawns with DLC content.

This also shows a table of what item the AI wears and it shows that the wireless earpiece is worn by no AI.

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Hmm odd when I try to spawn the Combat Life Saver either Zeus or Eden they almost never have that ear piece.

Could you please create a test mission and upload it here?

Thank you.

Sorry for being inactive. My GPU has stopped working and needs to get repaired. While this is happening can you please explain how to set up a mission and how to post it?

Wulf added a comment.Wed, Apr 18, 10:14 AM

It is the same as you were doing in the editor.

Create the scenario.

You will go Scenario > Save as - create a name and Save it.
Once you have saved it, turn off the editor

Go to > Documents > Arma 3 > missions
Find the mission, zip it and upload it here.