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0xC0000005 Status Access Violation
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I am receiving this error after joining a multiplayer online server, multiple ones with different game modes. It usually happens when the mission file finishes but sometimes doesn't even make it that far. I have tried deleting my MPmission files which does allow me to join 1 (XXX Invade and Annex server) out of 6 different servers that I have tried. Naturally I have removed all mods (only had TFAR and CBA to begin with) and used Steam to verify the game cache multiple times and since deleting everything and re downloading the game takes days with my internet connection I am hesitant to do that, that and I see on here that it doesn't necessarily work. I have also tried a system restore to an earlier date and the game worked well earlier this morning. Also used windows to verify system file checks. DirectX is 11 OS Win7 64-bit.

I believe that this may have happened because I attempted to join a server with a possible corrupt mod file on it since 3 other people have had game crash issues after joining the same server that had recently had a new mod file loaded to it (some kind of uniform mod).

Any assistance would be appreciated.


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
Win 7 SP1
Steps To Reproduce

Start game and attempt to join online multiplayer server. attached report files here.

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Thank you for the report. We are looking into the issue.

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