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Noticeably Less Loot Available For Last Few Weeks (Especially In Tisy)
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I rent 5 servers from, costing me $$$ and supporting DayZ SA by providing free public servers for people to play on. I am far from amateur, and I can notice trends when they occur.
The issue is that there has been a VERY noticeable lack of loot available, especially in Tisy Military Base. I host severs which are geared toward PvE players, therefore loot and tent camps are crucial to our type of game play. I have received emails from MULTIPLE players who use my servers, and they all seem to be noticing the lack of loot as well. This problem is not just with my servers; it seems to be a problem with all Public, Third Person servers.

It has been weeks since we've routinely found guns, drum mags, and other loot that used to be quite plentiful a few weeks ago.

I can say with a great deal of certainty that the loot has not been taken by players who are server-hopping, as these servers are void of almost all activity most of the time. I have logged onto servers for a period of 2 hours or longer, and I am quite often the only player on the server. This happens on a very large number of servers.

For people who play PvE style, that's a fun killer. I have never seen such a low population of players on DayZ in my life.

I checked a number of different servers, all void of players, and I checked at all the tents in Tisy, and I couldn't even find a tenth of the loot we used to find, just weeks ago.


Operating System
Windows 10
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64 BIT
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It is a constant issue. No steps are required to reproduce.

Additional Information

My associate and I are considering cancelling our server subscriptions. We play for hours at a time, and now we return to base with very little loot. Since base building is not available, we use the provided tents and set up tent camps on servers. We trade and donate loot to new players, and we avoid PvP. We enjoy trekking across the map to find loot and hunt, fish, and trade. Our tent camps are our main bases, and we invite people to play and trade with us very often. We used to be able to collect a decent amount of loot after playing for about 8 hours. It now takes us days to collect the same amount of loot.

Is this an issue with server population and loot spawning algorithms? Or, is there intentionally less loot spawning on the map?

We don't play nearly as often as we used to, simply because the fun part of the game is traversing the game and collecting loot, then setting up tent camps. Not everyone enjoys PvP. My associate and I are in our 40's, and we absolutely despise the PvP community. There are far too many horrible people playing PvP. They are immature, disrespectful, and they break server rules on a regular basis. This is why my associate and I have decided to rent these servers and create a place for PvE players to enjoy their time.

Unfortunately, it seems that something has changed with the quantity of loot available in the game, and the number of people who used to play with us on our servers has dropped dramatically.

Thank you for your time. I wish your team the best as you continue to work hard to release .63! Keep up the hard work!

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Hello 3000HoursDayZ and thank you for the report.
There were no recent changes in the loot distribution which could cause this issue, however, we will test this on our end to see if we are able to reproduce this. In case you come across any information which could help us in reproducing the issue, please let us know here.

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