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[Dev Branch] - T-140 Angara PiP camera render at <5 fps
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The T-140 Angara cameras render at a very very low fps - lower than normal. This applies to both the regular and commander versions of this tank.

Regardless of seat used (Driver, Gunner, Commander) - all the screens render at <5 fps, which makes using the internal view difficult for players. I compared by getting into the T-100 Varsuk as both driver and commander, and the fps for the PiP cameras is a stead 30.

On first impression, this seems to be a performance issue when multiple PiP cameras are rendering in the same space at the same time (which is the unique case with the T-140). However I noticed this issue also occurs in the MBT-52 KUMA PiP cameras as both Driver/Commander (And here there is only a single camera per viewing space).


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a sample mission (I chose Altis)
  2. Place 2 empty tanks - T-100 Varsuk and T-140 Angara
  3. Get into T-140 Angara as any position and view interior - notice that fps is extremely low
  4. Get into T-100 Varsuk as commander / driver and view interior - notice that the fps is normal
Additional Information

Tested T-100 Varsuk, AWC 304 Nyx, BTR-K Kamysh, MSE-3 Marid and all the PiP Cameras are functioning correctly with the correct fps. Perhaps this is a vehicle config issue?

I tested with various settings set for the PiP Graphics - from low to ultra - the effect is the same regardless of what setting used.

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I tested the Pips and I can see only a couple of FPS difference max 4 fps difference and I have 56-60fps when testing this.

Hey Wulf, thanks for testing - did you try on the virtual reality map?

I've noticed that on small maps like virtual reality or Stratis - the FPS is high. However when testing on Altis and Tanoa - the fps is very very low, compared to using other vehicles that have PiP on those same maps.

Can you confirm if that is also the case for you as well?

Wulf added a comment.Apr 12 2018, 3:17 PM

Yes, I did use the VR map and it was fine. Stratis and Malden both 60 FPS.

Also tested it on Altis and Tanoa. On Tanoa the FPS dropped to like 44 FPS, but it was the same for me in the Varsuk especially as the driver. Altis was fine with around 54-60 FPS.