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Rhino MGS HEAT rounds have 0 benefit?
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I have spent about an hour to two simply shooting different CSAT vehicles with the Rhino MGS with both AP and HEAT rounds. With the Heat rounds performing significantly worse than the AP rounds. I have also tested this at distances up to 1.6 km. It also seems that HEAT rounds do not effect CSAT Tank's sides, this may be due to them having "spaced armor" (not sure if spaced armor or simply extended mud flaps), which causes HEAT rounds to do little to no damage.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
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Set up a tank, fire at it with AP and then with HEAT while in Rhino MGS

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Wulf added a subscriber: Wulf.EditedMar 13 2018, 5:57 PM

"The HEAT warhead has become less effective against tanks and other armored vehicles due to the use of composite armor, explosive-reactive armor, and active protection systems which destroy the HEAT warhead before it hits the tank.

HEAT rounds are less effective against the heavy armour of 2010-era main battle tanks, HEAT warheads remain a threat against less-armoured parts of a main battle tank (e.g., rear, top) and against lighter armoured vehicles or unarmoured vehicles and helicopters."

Since the game is taking place in 2035 we believe it is accurate. Going head to head with HEAT against a Varsuk is almost suicide. Though in the rear or the top(turret) it has the same damage as AP.

It should also be noted that the HEAT round is High Explosive Anti Tank-Multi Purpose; its a do-it-all round similar in principle to the one found on the SLAMMER UP (the one with the 105). You will find that, unlike APFSDS, ATGM, or standard HEAT, it has a useable blast radius for dealing with infantry

It should also be noted that form third generation tanks (M1, T80, Challenger, Leo 2) and onwards, composite and spaced armor has been added specifically to reduce the threat posed by HEAT ammunition. Most modern main battle tanks have their entire frontal hull and turret cheeks armored mainly with composite or sometimes other exotic materials with a high density to weight ratio, all designed specifically to increase the effective armor, especially against HEAT ammunition.

While some high-end HEAT ammo (Varsuk, Angara, Titan) or oversized HEAT munitions (Air-to-ground missiles) have excellent effects, HEAT-MP is not meant for dealing with MBTs, especially from the front, or when hitting ERA panels.