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No slowing down ,with combat pace on, when weapon lowered
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The animation is barely different from 'running with lowered gun, combat pace off' but speed is significaly lower.
This is something that making control more difficult ,without real benefits. When ,for example, clearing sity you need to disable,reenable,.. combat pace all the time ,to use it with most efficiency.


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Windows 10 x64
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(it is suggestion to make 'running with lowered gun' animations same with combat pace enabled and disabled)

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I tried the combat pace as you called it and I see no difference in speed when my weapon is lowered and when it is up. Perhaps a video of what exactly you mean is in order.

Also, if you are in a city full of enemies why would you lower your gun?

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Simple answer, don't toggle between them.

Plus how exactly does this make the control difficult?