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Skalpel ATGM finds its target without locking on and from any angle
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When using the Skalpel ATGM, the moment you target a unit, it's instantly locked on and will find its target no matter which direction you fire in.

I doubt this is how they're supposed to work?


Not A Bug
Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Play an OPFOR Mi-48 Kajman as pilot.
  2. Place a BLUFOR armored vehicle 500 meters away.
  3. Switch weapon to Skalpel ATGM.
  4. Target the armored vehicle.
  5. Turn the front of the helicopter 90 degrees away from the target.
  6. Fire the missile. Watch it destroy the armored vehicle.
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Scalpel ATGM are either locked in an angle before the heli or they are manually guided.(Gunner is aiming with the cannon) In this particular case you have the target marked which means the gunner is aiming at it and the rockets are guided manually by the gunner.

So, this behaviour is as intended.

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