Custom Keybinds not working
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After not playing DayZ for some time, I found that all my settings were back to default, so I had the arduous task of rebinding them. I am a left-handed player *i.e. My mouse is used with left hand, making wasd, left shift, q and e etc impossible to play with. This has never been an issue with ArmA 2, 3 and DayZ as I could rebind my preferred keys: right shift for sprint, num 1 for crouch, num 4 for prone, del for lean left, page down for lean right, end for reload etc.

However, after rebinding all the keys yesterday, most didn't work: right shift, num 1, num 4.

So after four years the game is suddenly, literally unplayable for me. I assume this is something to do with an update since I last played and I hope it will be put right as soon as possible. I've suffered enough with Standalone... I want the game to finally be great as its potential.


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Windows 10 x64
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Hello TitusGroan and thank you for the report.
If it is not an issue, can you send us a full list of which keys you have bound to which actions? Also, have you tried to delete the contents of your C:\Users\*username*\Documents\DayZ folder and then binding the keys again?

My key bindings are as follows:

Sprint: Right shift
Step over/jump: Right ctrl
Lean left: delete (working)
Lean Right: Pg down (working)
Reload: End (don't know if working or not as wasn't around for long enough to find a weapon with ammo)
Crouch: Numpad 1
Prone: Numpad 4
Freeview (look around): App Menu (next to right win key and right ctrl

Those are the important ones to be able to play the game.

Thanks for reply.