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A-164 Target lock sounds
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its it possible to turn up the sounds in the A-164 when it coms to locking on to and target lock and incomming missils and so on... cant hier anything form the engine and so on .. if there coudt be a .. i dont know . sound options to 0-100% on instrument sounds in veichle


Operating System
Windows 10 x64

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I am not sure what the issue is here. Could you please create a video of the issue and upload it here? Thank you.

dont knwo how i can capture my screen and make a vid will work on it.. but the problem is .. the sound level of flairs guns missiles engine and so on.. its fine. but the sound of locking on to a target and when i have target lock its so low its almost not possible to hear especialy if u take the engine noise into account ;) .. just tested it today.. also on the wasp . i tryed it whit my stero speakers and then my headset in 2 stereo and 7.1 just to se if it was a channel problem but it seems to be on all of them.. sorry about the bad eng. but hope its understandeble (guess he has the same problem he do not however say he is in a plain .. but thats 3 years ago.. hope its not a thing that work as intended.. bz then why do u even bother have the sounds in.. if i have to hear the lock sound i have to turn up the volume so high that if another sounds coms.. my speakers breaks ;P )

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